"When your rights are in question there should be no doubt about who is representing you"

When you’re in need of experienced employment law counseling or representation, turn to The Burkhalter Law Firm P.C. one of Tennessee’s top labor, employment and personal injury law firms.

Knoxville personal injury lawyer and Tennessee employment law attorney here to help those in need of experienced legal representation.

Whether you are an white collar, blue collar professional or, business executive you’ll benefit from The Burkhalter Law Firm offer exceptional client service. Our skilled Knoxville, TN employment lawyers are here to help you address your  employment legal issues most effectively.

  •  Presents innovative solutions to today’s complex labor, employment, and benefits law challenges;                                                                    
  •  Delivers client services of the highest possible standard, based on prompt, personal attention to each client;
  •  Provides insights that keep you updated on new employment law developments and trends                                        


Our skilled Knoxville employment attorneys representing whistleblowers, and employees only, not  employers, companies, or insurance companies.

Practice Areas:

Serious personal injury and wrongful death cases, including, but not limited to, cases involving vehicular and motorcycle wrecks, products liability, medical malpractice, dangerous chemicals, physical assaults, dangerous property conditions, etc. (Representing Injured Parties or Their Family Members Only).

Employment Attorney In Knoxville

False Claims Act Cases (Qui Tam or Whistleblower Cases Claiming Contractor Fraud or Medicaid/Medicare Fraud) - Representation of Whistleblowers only.

Employment Law, including Wrongful Discharge, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Retaliation, etc. - Representation of Employees only.

 Most Cases handled on a no recovery - no attorney fee basis.

In most personal injury cases, we will charge a contingency fee. This system allows you to hire us without having to pay any the up front cost of litigating your case.

In a contingency fee arrangement, our fees will be subtracted from the final settlement in your case -- or from the final verdict at trial. We will also subtract any expenses that were covered by us during the litigation period of your case such as postage, court reports and expert fees. Our contingency fee percentage may vary based on what facts of your case in and what type of case it is.

What some of our former client's say

"Skilled Trial Lawyer But He Is an Even Better Person. He's Intelligent Caring Attorney You Can't Go Wrong."

Typically I do not give 5 stars to anyone for anything, but Mr. Burkhalter and his staff have always gone above and beyond for me. Not only is Mr. Burkhalter a skilled trial lawyer but he is an even better person he is genuine in his want to provide you with the best legal representation possible. He does not "cherry coat" and lays out the case and your options for you. He is honest, hard-working, and diligent and over the past 22 years he has become a loyal friend to me. His staff are professional, friendly, and ALWAYS willing to answer your questions and work with you when you need to get things done.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance that you contact and engage his counsel if you are in need of the best possible representation you can find. Mr. Burkhalter is, indeed, that attorney.

Steveb FIVE STAR *****

"David Burkhalter is not only an attorney, but a gentleman."

My case was a very complex wrongful termination case, and he pursued it with gusto, to say the least. He was always respectful and courteous to me, making me feel at ease at all times. From the minute I met him, he gave me comfort and confidence that even someone as insignificant as I had been made to feel was important to him. He deserves the respect of his clients. I have never seen anyone in any occupation with the resolve and determination that David demonstrates. He is one of the finest people I have ever met, and I would highly recommend him to any client with a work-related case.

After almost two years of working with him, my case was settled yesterday (we won) but he dogmatically pursued until he got the best settlement possible for me, and I will ever be grateful.

Janice FIVE STAR *****

"David is tough in the trenches"

When the bottom dropped out of my work world and I found that I needed an attorney to represent me, I consulted a number of friends who were attorneys. I asked, “If it was your father, your sister, or one of your kids, who would you have represent them?” Unanimously they all replied David Burkhalter.

My next question was why David? To a person they cited his ethics, his reputation, his comprehensive knowledge, his trial experience and the fact that he fights like hell for his clients.

In the trenches when it gets messy, David is tough. Never once did I feel alone or overwhelmed because I knew he had my back and was fighting for me. I knew he had a plan and a strategy which would win the day. And he was able to do that for me, too.


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